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Appleton Tree Service is the top tree care company in the Fox Valley area.  We are a local family-owned and operated tree care and snow removal business, proudly serving Appleton and Fox Valley since 1999.  We provide professional and affordable tree care service throughout the season; and, our snow removal service is also the best in the area.  We take pride in our equipment and professional approach to each job.  Our clients come first, and we sacrifice nothing in servicing them to the best of our ability.   We are a service business first, and a tree care and snow removal business second.  Call us for a free, quick, and affordable estimate.  We offer the following services:

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Stump Grinding

Emergency Tree Service

Tree Service Appleton, WI Property Owners Trust

Founded in 1999, we are the tree service Appleton and Fox Valley have depended on for all their tree care needs.  Our team of tree care professionals possesses the experience and knowledge to both take care of your trees and also how your trees as they fit into your property’s overall landscape.  We take the time to professionally care for your trees so they are an asset – not a liability –  in your landscape.    Moreover, we are licensed, bonded, and insured offering our clients the utmost in safety and protection when it comes to working on your trees.   Call us whenever you need professional and affordable tree care. 

Appleton Tree Service is a locally and family-owned and operated tree care business located in the heart of Appleton, WI.  We employ the best tree care professionals who are background and drug screened.  We have to lowest turnover rate among our competitors at only 15% annually and are proud to have a staff with a combined 81 years of tree care experience.  You can trust and depend on the team for all of your tree care and snow removal needs.  

We offer a complete range of tree care and snow removal services.  We provide fast free estimates, usually within 24 hours of when you contact us; and, all of our quotes are provided in writing with copies of our licensing and insurance information.   Below is a summary of some of our most popular tree and snow services. 

Tree Removal

Picture of our crew member in a tree cutting down sections of a tree for a customer in Appleton, WITrees need to be removed for any number of reasons: storm/wind damage, pests, disease, aesthetics, and safety.   A tree may be dying or dead causing a potential safety issue for your business or home.  Perhaps it is diseased and should be removed due to it becoming ugly and potentially dangerous.  Wind and storms can often cause tree damage requiring them to be cleaned up by removing them.  From a landscaping perspective, trees can easily become overgrown causing a landscaping problem with lawn and/or and planting, such as creating too much shade.   Finally, trees should be regularly trimmed or sometimes even removed due to their close proximity to your home or business structure.  We can affordably and quickly remove any tree for any reason.

Large tree removals should be done by knowledgeable professionals due to potential hazards to nearby property structures and the people performing the work).  Uninsured and Unlicensed tree care companies create risk for themselves as well as liability to the home and business owner.  If a tree company working on your property is not licensed and insured, an accident can create a large financial liability for the home or business owner, which your insurance policy will have to cover by law.  Please do not use a tree contractor that is not fully insured and licensed.

Tree removal Appleton WI homeowners can be assured of to be safe, relatively simple, and affordable if done by skilled professionals.  Call us for a fast free estimate on any tree(s) removals you need.   We are always happy to serve you.  

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Tree Trimming

Crew member trimming a tree for a customer in Appleton, WITree trimming and tree pruning, which is a lesser form of trimming) can make a big difference in the beauty and overall health of a tree.  Done wrong, tree trimming can cause it to look unsightly and even lead to premature death.  Please do not employ a tree contractor in Appleton that is inexperienced and unskilled in the science and is of tree trimming.  

If you glance around your Appleton or Fox Valley neighborhood you will note that over 90% of the trees in people’s lawns are untrimmed.   Most business and homeowners allow their trees to over-grow causing an unsightly appearance as well as being potentially dangerous.  Don’t be that neighbor or business owner – if your trees are properly trimmed they can be a great asset in your landscape.

With tree trimming, we adhere to 3 primary goals:

  • Eliminate dangerous, dead/dying, and unsightly limbs and  branches
  • Renew the tree’s symmetry, especially if overgrown and uncared for  – returning the tree to its natural look and shape
  • Use the trimming job as an opportunity to assess the tree’s health – making recommendations to improve or eliminate any issues it may have

 While winter is the best time to trim trees, it can be done in any season.    In the winter your landscape lays dominant so the possibility of damaging your lawn and nearby plantings is almost eliminated.  Moreover, the entire structure of the tree is visible so trimming can be performed more holistically.   Regardless of the time of year, trimming your trees can have a critical impact on their health and aesthetics  Call the tree trimming Appleton, WI property owners have trusted with the health and beauty of their trees for over ten years. 

Stump Grinding and Removal

Picture of our stump removal machinery grinding a large stump in Appleton, WIGrinding or removing at stump is the next common step after removing a tree.  Most stumps are ugly and hamper landscape and yard care efforts.    There are several methods to eliminate a tree stump: grind it down below the surface, causing it to disappear so you have room to plant over the top of it; or, excavate it out of the ground by removing it and the root system with a backhoe.  Due to damage to the surrounding area when using a backhoe, tree stump removal is usually only performed in situations where foundational or road work will be completed.  For virtually all purposes, stump grinding is the best common choice.  

Most stumps should be eliminated, not only for lawn and landscape purposes but also due to the fact they can become dangerous as they often harbor biting insects, such as wasps, ants, termites, etc.  We have the finest stump removal machines that can make easy work out of any sized stump, renewing your lawn and landscape.  While the effort can be a bit dirty and messy, we always take precautions and time to reduce the effects of grinding a tree stump. 

Grinding a stump can be done in 45 minutes for older, small stumps to over 2 hours for new, large stumps.  However, irrespective of age and size, we provide fast and affordable stump grinding that will return your lawn and landscape to pristine conditions.    

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Emergency Tree Service

Picture of a large tree that was blown over and sitting on a customers driveway in Appleton, WITrees can be damaged by the strong hail and wind brought on by storms.   The result can be both dangerous and damaging to your trees and home’s appearance.   We provide around-the-clock tree care for tree damage caused by storms – we know the dangerous situations they cause.  When power lines are brought down due to damaged branches and uprooted trees, please call the professionals to effectively and safely remove them, supporting the electrical company in restoring your electricity.   We provide this emergency tree care 24×7 because we know our customers require tree storm damage cleaned up safely, quickly, and economically.  Call us any time night or day when you have this unfortunate situation on your property.

Brush Removal & Wood Chipping

We offer brush removal and wood chipping services when you have tree debris that needs cleaned-up.  Often times property owners perform extensive tree and shrub trimming on their own only to discover an inordinately large amount of branches, limbs, and other tree/shrub debris that needs to be dealt with.  For many property owners, without legal disposal resources, this can be a nightmare to deal with.  Consequently, as the tree service Appleton, WI trusts, we offer affordable wood chipping and brush removal services to aid you in ridding your landscape of this debris.  Call today for a free, often same-day, estimate for any wood chipping and brush removal you may require.  

Snow Removal

We are also proud to provide residential and commercial snow removal.  We operate a number of snow plow trucks that can quickly clear commercial parking lots and residential driveways.    We augment this equipment with snow shoveling of your paths and walkways.  We provide these snow removal services both on contract for the season as well on an individual job basis.   We operate our snow removal business virtually 24 x 7 and seven days a week during peak winter months.  No job is too large or too small. 

Even though our service is not the cheapest option there is, we are confident that the result is worth every dollar you pay. We will make sure that all aspects of tree care are accommodated and accounted for. When we are done with our job, you will be happy to entrust your tree care concerns to us. 

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