History of Appleton, Wisconsin

Located in the River Fox, about 48 kilometers southwest of the Green Bay city of Wisconsin lies the city of Appleton. It is located 160 kilometers north of Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin.

Appleton, Wisconsin is situated at 240 meters above sea level. This Wisconsin city has both summer and winter. But it does not experience much snow during winter because of its elevation, making it farther away from the sea. 

Samuel Appleton

Appleton was named after Samuel Appleton. He was an American merchant and philanthropist. Born in 1625 to Samuel and Judith Appleton, he joined the military and later became a government leader. In 1651, he married Hannah Paine of Ipswich and they had three children – Hannah, Judith, and Samuel. Samuel Appleton got married again to Mary Oliver in 1656. Samuel and Mary were blessed with four children – John, Isaac, Oliver, and Joanna.

Appleton, Wisconsin was named after him because of his immense contribution to the city. His donation of $10,000 was used for the construction of the Lawrence Institution library. 

Development of Appleton

Because of the Lawrence Institution library, Appleton developed and grew along with it. The library then became Lawrence University. Its economy also grew because of the construction of the paper industry. The Fox River provided them with electricity, making Appleton’s development unstoppable.

Because of the existence of electricity, businesses flourished and people in Appleton enjoyed education and other luxuries of life. And with the construction of a hydroelectric power station, Appleton prospered.
Place Worth Visiting

One way to enjoy your visit to Appleton is to go sightseeing. There are many places worth visiting in this Wisconsin city. Here are some of them.

Lawrence University
Lawrence University is known as one of the “Colleges that Change Lives”. It is one of the nation’s pre-eminent liberal arts and conservatory of music, which draws students from more than 50 countries. Its cultural attractions include:

  • Art Galleries
  • 21 varsity teams
  • Conservatory concerts, and
  • Excellent food

St. Mary’s Church
St. Mary’s Church boasts of its peaceful and serene atmosphere. It has great architecture and a combination of traditional and modern designs. Its interior is warm and peaceful with its stained glass windows and wooden benches.

Those who have been to St. Mary’s Church say it is the best church in Wisconsin. This historic church has a friendly and accommodating staff, making your visit worth remembering. The positive experiences of tourists who have been here said it is worth visiting again.

Hearthstone Historic House Museum
The Superintendent of the Appleton Paper and Pulp Mill by the name of Henry J. Rogers built this large Queen Anne Victorian Style home in 1882. This is the first house to use an Edison central hydroelectric power station.

Hearthstone was restored to its original features. It retained its unique features including the original Thomas Edison electroliers and light switches. Hearthstone was restored and preserved for the cultural and educational benefit of the public through its exhibits and programs.

These are just a few of the historical places to visit in Appleton. Wisconsin. Visit the city and explore more historical and beautiful places in the city and enjoy your visit.

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