Emergency Tree Storm Damage

Emergency Service When You Need It

Of all the tree situations we see as tree professionals, storm damage is the most pressing.  Fallen branches, uprooted trees,  property structure damage, dangerous conditions due to tree debris, etc., all potentially present the homeowner with an emergency situation.  Appleton Tree Service is there to help 24×7 to be your trusted tree care professional in these difficult circumstances.  We will respond immediately and affordably to remove storm debris and clean up your property as quickly as possible.  We take pride in going the extra mile in these situations as people’s property and safety can be at risk.  It is not uncommon for homeowners to be paralyzed by storm damage in that tree service is required immediately.  A large limb might be blocking their driveway or a tree could have fallen on their roof making the structure inhabitable.   In these emergency situations, we try to be the first to arrive and clear the way for other first responders, such as police, fire, medical and utility organizations.  Call Appleton Tree Service whenever you have a emergency tree damage –  you can depend on us to go above and beyond in cleaning up your property.

To potentially prevent some storm tree damage, have us assess trees that are close to your home or business before a storm strikes.  This can often help avoid tree damage to your property structures.  Sometimes trees are significantly overhanging roofs and other property structures creating a potential danger should a storm come through.  With this proactive action, many of these dangers can be eliminated preventing you from having an emergency situation later when a storm strikes. 

Tree Damage Response

When you do face storm tree damage, call us immediately.  And, please do not attempt to clean up tree debris if there are downed power lines or other dangerous situations created by the storm.  When you contact us in an storm tree damage situation , we will respond using our emergency storm procedure:
  • One of our team leaders will immediately come to your home or business to assess the damage and clean up required.
  • We will provide a onsite estimate of cost of the work necessary to clean up the damage .  If you accept, our team leader will mobilize our a tree care crew quickly.  They will show up on your property ASAP and immediately begin the clean-up process.
  • As we start, we will immediately identify all hazardous situations, calling any necessary third-parties organizations (such as utility companies) for needed assistance.
  • Only when the safety of our customer and crew is assured, we will then immediately commence the work to remove all the storm debris from your property.  We will remove all large limbs, branches, and tree trucks as well as chip the small branches and debris.
  • Our work will continue until all evidence of storm damage has been eliminated and your property has been restored pre-storm

Do not call an tree care company if you have urgent emergency tree care needs.  Only call Appleton Tree Service if want professionals on your property who can efficiently and safely eliminate all tree-storm damage.  We are licensed, bonded and insured for these very occasions, and we afford our customers all the financial and legal protections provide to them by our insurance policies. 
Emergency storm tree damage work is a critical tree care service, and one that Appleton Tree Service is highly experienced in.  Call us whenever you face emergency storm tree damage on your property.    We are the go-to Appleton professionals when you need quick and dependable tree service
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