Tree Trimming in Appleton

Trimming and Pruning Service

Allow Appleton Tree Service to maintain your trees by enhancing their beauty and health with our professional trimming and pruning service.  Consistent trimming and pruning will both promote the beauty of your trees but also aid their safety.  Untrimmed trees are unsightly as well as potentially hazardous to your home/business and life.  Untrimmed trees are also more likely to be impacted by storm damage making them additionally hazardous to your property.  Lastly, tree limbs touching your home, especially your roof, will usually void your homeowner’s insurance.

Appleton Tree Service is experienced and skilled in trimming all species and sizes of trees native to Northern Wisconsin.  Consistent trimming maintains both the appearance as well as the health of a tree.   During the trimming, there is also no better time to assess a tree’s health – and we always take the opportunity to consult with our customers as to the health and well-being of their trees.  We might be biased when we say this, but almost no property we see has trees on it that can not be trimmed or at least pruned.  It is really transformative to see before and after photographs of a neglected, overgrown tree.  Tree trimming and pruning can remarkably alter the look of your landscape.  Moreover, trimming an overgrown tree can have positive effects on nearby plants and lawns.  Many times, an overgrown tree will overshadow plants and the lawn stunting their growth. 

We utilize tree-trimming guidance provided by the Arbor Day Foundation (as pictured in the photo to the right).  We utilize disciplined techniques when trimming trees to ensure branches and limbs are not cut too close to the main truck.  We do not over-trim a tree, and we maintain the natural shape and style of the tree species.  We have all witnessed over-trimmed trees and how ugly they are – Appleton Tree Service will never over-trim trees so they look unnatural.  Moreover, we are conscious of your landscape plantings and other flora to ensure we do not do any damage to them while trimming your trees. 

Every single variety of tree ought to be trimmed a little bit more distinctive. This is because of a number of variables: the normal form of the crown; growth style; age, precisely how it fits within the landscaping, as well as the health condition and form of the tree at the time of trimming. And, at the time of the procedure of trimming, our staff will definitely counsel you on the condition and health of the tree as there generally is a no better opportunity to ascertain this than during trimming.

We might possibly be conflicted when we write this, however, 80%-90% of almost all garden trees could certainly benefit from a good trimming, or at a minimum a significant pruning. Nevertheless, the majority of people just ignore their trees, thinking they will most likely take care of themselves. Well, in simple fact, they definitely will take care of themselves for the most part. Nonetheless in order to stay safe and well-groomed in your landscaping, trimming a tree is necessary. Additionally, an untrimmed tree may even induce troubles in your landscaping, including not making it possible for grass and also other plants to grow. Trimming and pruning will most certainly aid in this respect.

Tree Trimming Method

Our tree trimming process begins with a meeting at your property with one of our team members to both assess the job and provide an onsite quote.  At this time we can schedule the time/date for your tree trimming and review any other services you would like us to do.  We will follow your guidance on the extent of trimming but also suggest to you if we suspect the tree may end up unsightly by too much trimming.  We approach trimming with both discipline and safety as we do our tree removal service.  Whether we use our lift machine or climb the tree using a harness, we are always safety conscious..  During the tree trimming job, we function with the same protocol in terms of our ground crew ensuring safety and constantly cleaning up tree debris.  We always cut all large limbs into 3-foot pieces for stacking or removal – your choice.  All small branches will be fed into the chipper located on the street nearest the tree.  Lastly, we finish your tree(s) will look renewed and your property improved.  

Tree Pruning Method

Pruning is a less intrusive form of tree trimming.  We can prune every tree that is not significantly overgrown.  Pruning involves small shaping and branch removal work enhancing an already natural appearance.  Bottom growth and water shoots will also be removed during the pruning process.  We are skilled in the fine art and science of pruning so that the tree’s growth is enhanced while also improving its health.  While we are pruning your trees, also ask us to prune shrubs and hedges and shrubs – this will save you money and time.

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