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Removing a Tree Stump

When stump grinding isn’t the solution, or at least is not the ideal option, we can remove the entire stump using a backhoe.  Our stump removal service is for those situations where it is necessary to extract the entire stump and root structure.  For example, a locust tree has a shallow growing root structure, with many large roots often about ground making mowing grass and recreational use dangerous.  In these circumstances, the removal of the stump and root system is often the only viable option.   Typically, most homeowners opt for tree stump grinding as it is less expensive and less intrusive.  However, there are specific occasions when stump removal is required due to development in the area where the tree formerly was growing.

Removing a tree stump and its roots requires the use of medium-duty equipment, such as a backhoe.   This is not a do-it-yourself project for a homeowner or business owner given the experience and necessary access to such equipment.  Essentially the process involves digging up the tree stump and shallow roots.  There will be the likelihood of damage to nearby grassed areas and landscape bedding depending on the proximity of the stump.  However, Appleton Tree takes the time to ensure these impacts are reduced or eliminated.  

Like all of our work, we utilize a multi-step approach to gain both efficiencies as well as ensure safety:  

  • We will inspect and assess the area containing the tree stump and roots, as well as contact the utility company to mark for power lines.  
  • We use a chainsaw to cut the stump down close to the ground but still allow some to protrude.  This will help our backhoe grab into it.
  • Dig out the area around the tree stump approximately 2 feet in diameter to allow for a clean extraction.
  • Dig until the tree stump is removed and all visible roots are disposed of.
  • Restore the surrounding area to a condition ready for planting, and seeding. or sodding

We offer free quotes on stump removals and provide multi-stump specials if you have more than one stump.  Of course, we back up all of our stump removal jobs with a money-back satisfaction promise.  The entire stump removal process can take several hours depending on the age, size, root structure, and variety of the tree.  Please call us for all your stump removal needs

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