Tree Removal

Removing a Tree

Tree removal is almost always best left to professional tree service company.  Removal of large, mature trees dictates skill, experience and the proper equipment.  Tree removal jobs are our most popular service and sometimes the most challenging.  At Appleton Tree Service we affordably and safely remove trees due to disease, damage, aesthetics  purposes, and safety.  We have removed most types of tree native to the northern Wisconsin region.  The tree removal process begins with a free estimate of the tree(s) to be removed at your property.  We will come to your home, business or rental property to ascertain the nature of the tree to be removed and to provide you with a free verbal estimate right at the time of our visit.  From there, our office will follow with a written estimate for the tree removal job, along with supplying all of our licensing and insurance information.  When we are at your business or  home we will inspect the nature of the tree’s condition, property buildings nearby that will need to be safeguarded, access to and from the tree, and any other special circumstances of the situation. 

Tree removal prices generally depend on several factors: first, the type of tree species; and second, the size of the tree and it’s proximity to building structures.  The specie of tree matters as some types are a more difficult to remove.  Trees with several main trunks take more planning and effort to remove vs. a tree specie with only one main trunk.  Moreover, the size of the tree is a critical determining factor as it goes directly to the labor involved to remove.   Finally, nearness to building structures is the last factor in ascertaining the price.  Extra precautions to avoid property damage adds to the tree removal price.   Once you received our written quote, we will follow-up to schedule the job and review any other details not discussed when we first met.

The Process of Removing a Tree

The day before we are scheduled to remove the tree, one of our office staff will call you to confirm the time our team will be at your home or business to begin work.  We will go over all the details for the job order and ask if anything has changed.   We can also add additional services that you would like performed while we are on your property.   We honor o a two-hour arrival to be on your property to start the job.  Upon arrival at your business or home, our crew leader will introduce himself, review the job order, and inquire if you have any questions prior to work starting.    If everything is set, we will begin the tree removal process.

The process of removing trees from a property starts with our tree cutter scaling (using a safety harness) or elevating in one of our cherry pickers to begin the sawing of the main branches of the tree.   Our ground crews are located around the base of the tree to safely lower large branches, cut up sections of the large limbs, chip lowered branches and clear brush to the wood chipper located at the curb.  The job continues as the tree is methodically cut into manageable sections until all that is left is the trunk.   The trunk will then be cut into sections until the tree is at ground level with just a stump.   Throughout the process, the safety of your home or office building and our crew is safeguarded.  

When we finish the whole area will be cleaned of all branches, limbs, sticks, and tree debris – leaving only the tree stump.  If you selected to have the stump ground that will be scheduled for a day or two after the tree is removed.  All the wood from the tree will be stacked in your specified location or removed to our dump truck.  When we leave, your property will be pristine.

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